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A Treatment for Every Body



A Modern Day Necessity

Whether you have chronic pain in need of some serious attention or just need some time out to relax, let me deliver a treatment that is customised to your personal requirements. I will use a number of different modalities including swedish, deep tissue and trigger point therapy to help bring your body back to a state of equilibrium. In some cases, I will utilise myofascial release techniques to restore balance and flexibility to damaged and over-stressed tissues.

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The Ultimate Foot Massage

Reflexology is a form of complementary therapy which, through massage of the feet, aims to promote wellness in other areas of the body.
A delightfully relaxing foot treatment to stimulate the entire body and put a spring back in your step.
Enjoy hot towels and scented foot scrub to awaken the senses and intense moisturiser to deeply nourish neglected heel and toes.

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A Mother's Love

Massage during pregnancy is known to reduce stress, relieve aches and pains, and may even help you feel more connected with your growing baby.
With the use of pregnancy safe oils and aromas, let me tailor a massage to suit your individual pregnancy. Allow me intuitively apply the appropriate trigger points, and calm rythmic deep tissue strokes to quieten the busy mind, relax the tired body, and nurture and empower the blossoming Mumma Goddess within.

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The Aromatic Experience

Blending drops of essential oil with a carrier oil can affect the body both psychologically and physiologically -- depending on which essential oil you use. Peppermint is known to energize the senses whereas lavender is a known relaxing agent. The olfactory sense is triggered using essential oils during massage, and some oils are absorbed into the skin and ultimately the blood stream to produce healing effects.

Allow me to indulge your senses with heavenly aromas, comforting warm towels and loving healing hands. 

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