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The Full Story



With the heaviest of hearts, I seek to remind people that I am currently NOT TAKING ANY NEW CLIENTS.


While this is considered an ideal business goal, on a personal level, it is not something that sits well with me. I would love to assist everybody and provide a service to all those who need it. However, there are only so many workable hours in any day, and capable days in any week.


I am not really the type for laying it all bare, especially in public, yet I feel the need for people to understand a few things. Every single day, I receive requests for appointments. Multiple in fact. Across numerous social platforms and personal contact. Every single person, requests for special treatment and consideration. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

And it breaks my heart every single time, to say no. I am fully booked 6 weeks in advance with regular and long-time clients. Many are waiting longer than usual for treatments because they are grateful, and they understand. They would come more frequently if I had the time. To take a new client, would mean stretching out the time between someone else’s appointments a little longer, and in some cases, asking someone with a persistent chronic health pain condition to tolerate the intolerable a little longer. I am NOT doing this.


This year I was also diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel. And have likely had for my entire massage career. It has simply been confirmed. I have been displaying symptoms since I was 14. I continue, and began, because I LOVE what I do. When I fill all my life with work and clients (5days+ overtime), my body screams at me to stop. I drop things, I can’t drive properly, I can barely hold my phone, and God forbid, my morning coffee. I cut my hands and fingers when preparing meals, simply because I am unable to feel where my hands are. My nights are filled with burning pain and insomnia. Splints are helpful, but they are not a solution, and they do not stop the fire when it sets in.


Surgery is an option…however it likely requires me to be absent from clinic for close to 2 months and carries its own risks. I may not ever regain normal sensation or strength, least of all the usual complications that come with surgeries. Blood clots. Deep Vein Thrombosis. Reactions to anaesthesia. Given I have a family to take care of, I do not take the risks of surgery lightly.


I presently work 4 days a week, which allows for 14-22 clients per week depending on the days I choose to work. My body is grateful. I manage MOST days with minimal effect. I wear my splints religiously every night, I follow a diet that discourages inflammation in my body. At the age of 40, I finally learnt to prioritise the needs of my own body, and clinic runs as fluently as it can when there are familial variables that can at time complicate things. My weekly day off has been designated as per what suits my clients most.


Let me say it again… I LOVE WHAT I DO. My service speaks for itself…and my current clients will tell you the same. This is my tenth year of official operation in Kununurra, and I am so grateful that my little business continues to thrive and grow. A huge thank you to all my beautiful clients who have seen me through getting married, embarking on the parenthood journey, and all the challenges they bring. Especially too for the understanding and support when Covid thrust itself upon us. That was fun, wasn’t it?  


Every year, our beautiful town sees an exodus of long-term locals as they embark on the next stage of their life. Only when, and IF this happens with anyone on my current client list, will appointments open within my clinic. But not before an appointment has been offered to an existing local who has been waiting for an appointment for likely years already.


We are a wonderful community. Filled with great people, full hearts, and an immense amount of gratitude. We allow and support each other to succeed and progress and move forward. All we ask for is a little time and understanding.


I appreciate that this message will not at all stop the onslaught of appointment requests, but at least, I can direct them here for a greater understanding of why I may not respond in a timely fashion, if at all.


Love and light and immense gratitude to the Highest of Powers,


Lisa Carson RMT



PS. If you have a GIFT VOUCHER, please be in touch. I may not be able to get you in straight away, but I WILL & CAN make time for you. XXX

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